Hi. I'm Shafei Salih

Art production manager "Freelancer"

Videographer · Photographer · Video Director · Graphic Designer · Web Developer.

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Between being work and having fun, sometimes experimenting.

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Traveling photography, Landscape, Portrait

Commercial Photo.

Fashion, clothing, food, products, architectural photography, etc.

Corporate video

Short documentaries, advertising videos for any business.


It is actually one book, in how to design an interactive website.


Art Production Manager


Dec 2019 – Present - 9 mos

Video/Photographer, Video editor/director, a corporate multimedia designer.

Web Programmer/ Multimedia designers

Prince Sultan Rehabilitation complex

Feb 2011 – Dec 2019 - 8years 9 mos

Location: Ad Dammām, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
Design and program apps and website, designing multimedia contents, video editing

Web Developer

tasmem.net Freelancer

Jan 2010 –Feb 2011 - 1year 2 mos

Designed and developed e-commerce, business, government, news, non-profit and industrial websites.
Published a book in Designing dynamic web sites, available at major bookstores.

Database Programmer

Jamal Aljassim Electronic Est.

Oct 1999 – Jan2010 - 10years 4 mos

Location: Ad Dammām, Eastern, Saudi Arabia
Microsoft SQL administrator, Web application developer.

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Tel.: +966502808084
Email: shafy@tasmem.net